Custom-made Flexible Hydraulic Jack Liner

The Jack-IT is fabricated using a flexible PVC material that is thin and light weight. It is custom-made to fit each jack size. The Jack-IT design makes installation quick, easy and environmentally safe.

Each liner is custom designed and manufactured to the specifications of each installation. They can be manufactured the same day as the order is received and can be shipped overnight so that it arrives the next morning. There is diatomaceous powder inside of the liner to lubricate the jack as it slides into the liner.

The JACK-IT Hydraulic Jack Liner has been manufactured with either one set or several sets of “oar lock” hooks to assist with the liner being pulled over the hydraulic jack. Insert a rope through each hook on either side; this will enable the installer an easy method of pulling the liner over the hydraulic jack. Each set consists of two oar locks, which are placed on the outside of the JACK-ITTM Hydraulic Jack Liner at specific depth locations. The oar locks can be removed after installation