JACK-IT Material Specifications

The material used for the liner is a blend of PVC/PU. Originally the material was used to fabricate underground containment for petroleum products. The PVC/PE is virtually impervious to most chemicals, as the only environment, which would deteriorate the product, would be natural sunlight. Since the elevator jack is located beneath the ground sunlight would not be a concern in the deterioration of the material.

JACK-IT Material Physical Property Test Results

The following are the physical property test results completed on this product by the actual manufacturer of the material.
Description Value Method
Thickness .040
Specific Gravity 1.22 ASTM D 792-81
Durometer (A Scale) 78 ASTM D 2240-91
Tensile Strength (psi) 2900 ASTM D 638-91
Elongation (%) 390 ASTM D 638-91
Tear Resistance (Graves psi) 350 ASTM D 1004-90
Low Temperature - 35°C ASTM D 746-79
Abrasion Resistance
5000 ct (cs-17 wheel, % Wt. Loss)
0.24 ASTM D 1044-90
Volatility (%) 1.5 Activated Carbon 24 hrs. @ 87 °C
The specification data sheets are supplied as a service only and are for your investigation and verification. We make no warranty, guarantee, or representation as to the absolute correctness or sufficiency for the manner in which the material is used. It is the sole responsibility of the user(s) of this material to verify the suitability for the application in which it will be applied.