JACK-IT® is a flexible, PVC-blend, elevator hydraulic jack liner. It is the preferred alternative to PVC Pipe in new and retrofit hydraulic elevator jack installation. The JackIT can eliminate costly downtime, re-drilling and labor costs. Installation is quick, easy and environmentally safe.Double Click to Edit
JACK-IT Is Durable
ASME Code Compliance
Complies with ASME A17.1-2010
Material Specifications
JACK-IT Material Physical Property Test Results
Compliant Monitoring
Meets ASME code monitoring requirements
JACK-IT Is Quick And Easy To Install
Custom-made Jack Liner
JACK-IT is custom-made to fit each jack size.
Advantages over Rigid PVC installation.
Watch Installation Video
Watch how quick and east it is to install JACK-IT.
JACK-IT Is Environmentally Safe
Non-Toxic Material
Safe to handle. Does not use harmful chemicals.
No Harmful Glues
Does not require toxic glues or coatings
Leak-Proof Construction
Monolithic Construction Prevents Leaks