NyLift Sheaves

Laird Plastics offers deflection sheaves machined from high-performance engineering polymers. These sheaves are made from a cast form of polyamide commonly known as Nylon 6. Nylon sheaves have been used for decades throughout a variety of industries including Construction Cranes & Heavy Equipment and the Elevator & Escalator Industries.
We use special molds to cast the sheave. We then machine the material to the proper outside diameter. Groove, Hub, Pitch dimensions, etc. to create sheaves that fit and perform properly to your job specifications.
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The advantages of plastic sheaves include:
  • Considerably lighter: Less than 1/7th the weight of metal
    • Can reduce the cost of the drive system
    • Safer and easier installation
    • Decreases overall load & support-structure requirements
  • Extreme rigidity, hardness and impact resistance
  • Reduced vibration providing a quieter ride
  • Increased rope life due to reducing maintenance and replacement costs
You can find the approval for plastic sheaves in the ASME A17.1-2010/CSA B44-10 Paragraph 2.24.2.