Why Jack-IT: Advantages Over Rigid PVC

General Advantages
  • Custom Fabricated
  • Outstanding Flexibility
  • Oil and Fuel Resistant
  • Extend Life of The Containment
  • Cost Effective Alternative to Relining The Containment
  • Reduces Containment Repair And Reline Downtime Significantly
  • Excellent Choice For Retrofit Installations
  • Able To Fit Into Tight Spaces Where Cost of Re-drilling Would Be Prohibitive
  • Easy To Install
Reduces Maintenance 
  • Impervious To a Wide Variety of Chemicals
  • Cost Effective Repairs Since No Stripping or Re-drilling of Elevator Jack Hole is Required
  • Liner Will Not Delaminate or React to Thermal Fluctuations
Improves Safety
  • Easier to Handle Than Rigid PVC
  • Prevents Corrosive Damage
  • Prevents Hazardous Leakage